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How to access MSCC Online (D2L)

IMPORTANT: Your online classes will not appear in MSCC Online/D2L until the first day of class.

To log-In to MSCC Online (D2L), go to

MSCC Online (D2L) ID format:
Your first initial + your complete last name + the first four digits of your birthday; no spaces. MSCC Online (D2L) ID is all lower case. For example, if Cathy Jones' birthday is February 24, 1993, her MSCC Online (D2L) ID would be cjones0224.

MSCC Online (D2L) Password:
Your MSCC Online (D2L) password is the same as your Motlow email and computer login password. You must have successfully logged into either your email or a computer on a Motlow campus before you can access MSCC Online (D2L).

For D2L assistance, please email

After you have successfully logged on, you will see your MSCC Online (D2L) page showing the online course(s) you are enrolled, beginning the first day of class.

RODP Courses:
If your section number is R50 for any course, you are enrolled in the Regents Online Degree Program also known as RODP.

To visit the RODP web site, go to To contact the RODP Help Desk, please dial 1-888-223-0023 or email