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Dr. Scott Cook
Honors Program Director
Professor of History
(931) 393-1844
Simon Hall 129

Honors Alumni Donations

Honors Alumni Association

Honors Alumni Association Members (Front) Executive board: Erica Newman, Tiffany Phillips, Ashley Broadrick (chair), Brandy Moore (vice chair), Brooke Hamilton, Laura Hudgens, and Abi Miller.

The MSCC Honors Program Alumni Association was created to encourage school and community involvement from the Honors Program alumni. We have many purposes, but our main goals are to raise revenue for Honors scholarships, mentor current Honors students, and assist in the recruitment of future students.

While everyone who was in the Honors Program is considered an alumni, only those who participate and give a yearly $25 donation are considered active members. A $250 donation for a lifetime membership is also an option. Donations are the main funding source for MSCC Honors Program Alumni Association scholarships. Furthermore, at the end of the academic year, if you have volunteered 15 hours or more, you will receive a certificate of recognition.

Volunteering and donations, no matter how big or how small, are greatly appreciated. To get started, please submit a donation through the golden "Donate" button or contact Ashley Broadrick (Chair) or Brandy Moore 931-247-2253.


Ashley Broadrick, Chair:, 931-393-1538

Laura Hudgens, Vice-Chair:, 931-409-9516


Motlow College Honors Program Alumni Association (PDF)

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