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Dr. Scott Cook
Honors Coordinator
Associate Professor of History
(931) 393-1738
Simon Hall 111

Moore County (Main) Campus Honors

Dr. Scott Cook, Honors Coordinator, Simon Hall 111, 931-393-1738
American History I and II Honors; Religion, Heresy, Magic, and Myth Honors Seminar; Sex and the Supernatural Honors Seminar; and Service Learning I-IV

I have taught for Motlow College since the 2001-2002 academic year, and my work with the Honors Program since 2008-2009 has been a truly rewarding activity. The collegiality, determination, and desire to learn among Honors Students make the program an enjoyable academic experience for Honors faculty and students alike. The smaller class sizes and abilities to think and to discuss the curriculum critically and freely set the Honors Program apart from traditional classes. "Don't believe everything that you think" is a maxim that largely defines my attitude toward Honors education."

Dr. Judith Russell, Simon Hall 118, 393-1781:
English Composition I and II Honors, American Literature Honors, British Literature Honors, World Literature I and II Honors, Greek Mythology Honors Seminar, and Anime Studies Honors Seminar

Dr. Russell has served as Faculty Council Chair and past Coordinator of the Honors Program. She is a Professor of English at Motlow State Community College. She is also a member of Motlow Ladies' Philanthropic Society. She earned a Doctorate of Arts from Middle Tennessee State University in 2000, and she has been employed by Motlow since that time. She teaches honors courses including Greek Mythology, Composition, Anime Studies, as well as British and World Literature classes. She believes that the Honors Program provides students the opportunity to accomplish goals that they never dreamed were possible.

Prof. Billy Hix, Marcum 251, 393-1609:
Psychology of Human Development and Learning Honors

It is my desire to help students develop an understanding of today's classroom by having the students integrate knowledge from a variety of sources, collaborative exchanges and intellectual dialog and then utilize this knowledge in a real classroom setting while working with students. This class should be a positive experience on their journey of becoming a teacher.

Dr. Mary McLemore, Simon Hall 112, 393-1735:
Literature of the South Honors and Titanic in Literature and Film Honors Seminar

Dr. McLemore is a Professor of English at Motlow State Community College. She holds the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English degrees from Middle Tennessee State University and a PhD in English from Vanderbilt University. Dr. McLemore has taught Honors American Literature and currently teaches Honors Southern Literature, with an emphasis on Appalachian Literature. She views the Honors Program as an opportunity for students to study and explore a subject in depth in a flexible learning environment and to experience a time period and culture beyond the traditional lecture format.

Prof. David Bethea, Eoff Hall 218, 393-1616:
Music Appreciation Honors

I believe education is one of the most important disciplines of our culture. When a person is able to question her or his thoughts and actions and search for answers and new and different ideas, she/he is able to grow as an individual. Thus, the Music Appreciation Honors course at MSCC truly allows for an in-depth exploration of how music, art, and humanistic ideas can interact and interrelate.

Along with my teaching responsibilities at MSCC, I am also the director of the Motlow College Community Jazz Band and the Motlow College Vocal Ensemble. In addition, I am an in-demand professional trumpet player in the Middle Tennessee area, performing in a wide array of styles and genres.

Prof. Cherie Williams, Eoff Hall 213, 393-1787:
Speech Honors

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Dr. Stephen Guerin, Simon Hall 216, 393-1703:
General Psychology Honors and Psychology of Human Sexuality Honors

I hold a bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree in psychology and was a licensed clinical psychologist for many years before retiring from clinical practice to pursue full-time college teaching. I have taught college psychology courses for over 20 years and for the past five years have been a full-time associate professor of psychology and Chair of the Department of Social Science at Motlow State.

My philosophy of education is best articulated by W.B. Yeats who famously said , "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." Toward that end I strive to instill in my honors students a passion for honest intellectual inquiry melded with keen critical thinking skills and an appreciation for objective scientific evidence as a basis for judgment and understanding of the psychological working of people.

Jan Jennings, Associate Professor of English, SH119, ext. 1701
English Composition I and II

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Jeannie Brown, Assistant Professor of Communications, EH204, ext. 1730
Introduction to Theatre Honors