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General Questions

Why hasn't my financial aid been posted to my account?
You have not fulfilled your student requirements; therefore, your file is not complete. Log in to your MyMotlow account and click on the Financial Aid tab until you get to 'student requirements.' Once all requested documentation has been submitted, your file will go through two reviews (takes about two weeks), and then any aid for which you are eligible will be posted to your account. Check your MyMotlow account and student e-mail frequently, in case other information is needed. Loans will only be processed after all grant eligibility has been determined and only for those students completing a separate on-line Loan Request Form.

Transcripts from other colleges which I attended have been sent to Moltow, so why is it still showing up under my outstanding requirements?
Your transcripts have been received, but they have not been reviewed by the transcript analyst. Once the reviews are complete and your grades are posted, Financial Aid can continue to process your financial aid file. If you need further information about your transcripts, please contact Admissions & Records office.

When will I get my financial aid check and do I pick it up in your office?
Checks are generally issued during the second week of classes and you pick them up from the business office.

My check is smaller than what I am supposed to receive. Can you tell me why?
Your attendance is closely tied to your financial aid. If your instructor has not confirmed your attendance, then you will be paid based on how many hours you are attending. Please contact your instructors to make sure they have reported your attendance.

My parents want to check the status of my award; can you talk to my parents about my financial aid?
You must sign a FERPA release form giving permission to speak with your parents about your financial aid information? If the FERPA release is not on file, we will only be able to answer general questions. You can complete the release form in Admissions & Records if you want detailed information released.

Types of financial aid opportunities:
  • The Federal Pell Grant Program awards grants to eligible undergraduate students as determined by a formula used by the Department of Education. An undergraduate student is defined as one who has not received a bachelor's or first professional degree in any area. Students seeking a second degree are not eligible. Pell is an entitlement grant, so even if you miss the priority deadline, you will receive the grant if eligible.
  • The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation awards grants to eligible undergraduate Tennessee residents for a maximum of eight semesters. Funds are limited and must be applied for early. Complete the FAFSA prior to March 1st each award year and list Motlow as the first school of choice.
  • The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) Program gives grants to eligible undergraduate students. Awards depend on the availability of funds. Students must be undergraduate, degree-seeking students with exceptional financial need. You must meet the priority deadline dates as well as the federal eligibility requirements. In order to apply, you must complete the FAFSA. These funds are awarded on a first come basis until the money in the fund has been depleted.
  • The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program provides low-interest rate loans, need based and non-need based, directly from the federal government to undergraduate and graduate students.

  • How do I apply for Federal Work Study?
    Motlow does not participate in the Federal Work Study Program.

    Can I use my financial aid to pay for textbooks prior to class beginning?
    No. Currently, financial aid is not available to pay for your books at the bookstore. When you receive your financial aid check, you should cash it and then go to the bookstore to purchase your books.

    All students should be prepared to purchase their textbooks by the first day of class. Due to the complexity of the financial aid awarding process and the federal requirement of verifying class attendance prior to the delivery of financial aid funds, there may be a delay in the receipt of financial aid funds.

    How will I be notified of my financial aid award?
    Award notifications will be sent via Motlow e-mail. Awards may also be viewed on your MyMotlow account.

    Where is the Financial Aid Office located at Motlow State?
    The financial aid office is located in the Crouch Center on the Moore County Campus.

    What is the priority deadline date?
    Motlow's Financial Aid Office has an April 1st priority deadline for applying for campus-based funds (SEOG, CWS). This means that information from the application needs to be processed with the results received by the Financial Aid Office from the processor or student by this deadline. Processing time can range from 4-6 weeks or more, depending upon the time submitted to the processor and the need for corrections. The priority deadline applies to students entering the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

    What if I miss the priority filing date?
    If you need financial help, we urge you to immediately complete the forms even though the date has passed. The Pell Grant and federal loan programs are not restricted to the April 1st priority deadline. You may have to pay some or all of your own fees at registration while your financial aid is being processed.

    How will I receive the funds and pay my fees?
    All loan, grant, and scholarship payments administered by the College will be applied to the cost of your tuition and fees. Any remaining funds will be issued as a check to you from the Business Office. Student employment paychecks are issued monthly and are made to the student by direct deposit.

    You must be enrolled in school and begin classes before you actually receive your financial aid.

    Any financial aid award is contingent on the actual receipt of funds appropriated to Motlow State Community College by federal and/or state governments.

    What will it cost me to attend?
    The Motlow Web site will provide information on tuition, fees, and other applicable fees charged to students. (

    What kind of changes should I report to the financial aid office?
  • Name change
  • Change of address (or parent's address)
  • Dropping below half-time academic status
  • Changes in family financial situation due to death, divorce, marriage, disability,
    long-term unemployment, or low income
  • Withdrawal from school
  • Transfer to another school
  • Joining the military, Peace Corps, or VISTA

  • How many hours is my financial aid based on?
    Financial aid amounts on your MyMotlow online account are based on you being full time (12 hours or more). If you plan to take less hours than that, the amount of your awards may change.

    What should I do if I haven't heard anything since I turned in all of my paperwork to your office?
    If you are currently enrolled, you will not receive an award notification for the upcoming fall term until after spring grades are posted around the middle of May. If you are a first time freshman, you should check your application status on MyMotlow to see if we are waiting on information from you or if any information that has already been submitted is incomplete or needs further attention.

    What happens after I review my awards on MyMotlow?
    You must confirm your schedule. If your financial aid is more than what you owe Motlow, you can confirm your schedule as soon as we the award is posted on MyMotlow. If your financial aid pays only a portion of your college bill, you need to pay the balance by the confirmation deadline to confirm your schedule.

    How long does it take to be notified if I am awarded?
    It really depends on the time of year. If you are submitting documents for fall in January, February or March, award information is usually posted on MyMotlow beginning in July once all the system upgrades have been put in place. If you are applying for aid when classes are already in session, the award information is usually posted within two weeks of submitting all your required documents.

    When will I receive my financial aid refund? Will I get all my financial aid (monies) in one semester? Can I get my aid early?
    All financial aid refunds are disbursed through the Business Office. Most financial aid is processed based on an academic year (i.e. fall and spring). Aid awards are therefore usually disbursed evenly between the fall and spring semesters.

    Residual financial aid checks are not released prior to classes beginning. Funds that are posted to a student's account prior to the semester beginning will generally be released during the first to second week of classes. Confirmation of attendance is verified prior to a check being released. Funds posted after the semester begins will generally be released within 7 - 14 days of posting to your account.

    What if I applied for financial aid but did not submit all my documents on time?
    If you do not have all your financial aid documents in before the fee payment deadline you may apply for the installment plan (contact the Business Office for specific requirements). Please note that even if you applied for financial aid, there is no guarantee that you will be eligible to receive aid once all your documents are in. NOTE: The installment plan is NOT available in the summer.

    What is Motlow State Community College's school code?
    MSCC's school code is 006836.

    Where do I find my Student ID?
    Sign in to your MyMotlow Account and go to Student Account or if you have had a new photo ID made, it will be on that ID card.

    How do I accept/confirm my awards?
    It is not necessary to accept/confirm your awards. If you are enrolled, it is assumed you want the awards to pay your account. It is, however, necessary to confirm your attendance for each semester.

    I haven't received my 1098-T form in order to file my income tax return. Can you mail that to me?
    The Business Office processes those forms and they are no longer mailing them. You can obtain your 1098-T by accessing your MyMotlow account under Student Account.

    What are my overpayments responsibilities?
    Overpayments occur for several reasons. In some cases, students receive financial aid assistance in an amount that exceeds their "need" for financial aid. In other cases, students are inadvertently overpaid Federal Pell Grant funds. No matter what the reason, overpayments must be resolved. In some cases, the college is able to resolve overpayments by reducing awards for subsequent semesters during the same award year. The Financial Aid Office will notify the student of an amount that must be repaid to a specific program. If the overpayment cannot be resolved by reducing subsequent awards during the same award year, students will be required to make immediate repayment. If the overpayment is due to student error, and if the student fails to repay the overpayment, the student will be ineligible for future financial aid assistance at all post-secondary schools. If the error is a result of fraud, it will be reported to the Office of the Inspector General.

    If the overpayment is a result of institutional error and if the student fails to make repayment by a specified date, the college will be responsible for making the repayment. In such cases, the college will then bill the student and will place a "hold" on future registration. It should be noted that if a student unofficially withdraws from class (quits attending) and it is later discovered that Title IV funds were paid to the student for credit hours the student was not attending at the point Title IV funds were authorized to the student's account, an overpayment may exist. In such cases, the student will be billed for the overpayment.

  • Student financial aid funds are provided by federal, state, public, private and institutional allocations and are subject to change and/or late awarding. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify our commitment to you accordingly. Your award is contingent upon actual receipt of funds from the above mentioned agencies.
  • A student's college budget is based on the estimated cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, personal and transportation allowances. Provisions are not made for expenses that are not directly related to college attendance.
  • The expected parent's contribution is estimated on ability to pay for educational expenses as determined from the information submitted in the application process.
  • Dependent and independent students are expected to contribute toward their educational costs.
  • Intentional false statements or misrepresentation on any of the student's financial aid application materials may subject the student and/or parent(s) to a fine or imprisonment, or both, under provisions of the U.S. Criminal Code.
  • To be eligible to receive financial aid, a student must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program of study leading to a degree or certificate.
  • Each student must meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress to maintain eligibility for financial aid. This office accepts no responsibility to replace aid which is lost when a student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Your award if based on full-time enrollment (normally a minimum of 12 hours per semester) and may be adjusted for less than full-time enrollment.
  • All correspondence by this office to you will be e-mailed to your Motlow e-mail account.
  • Your award is subject to adjustment should you receive other financial assistance that would cause your total aid to exceed your remaining need and/or budget. Your award at Motlow State Community College may be adjusted if we are informed that you have received financial aid at another college during the year.
  • Federal Pell Grant awards are based on full-time enrollment each semester. The amount of Federal Pell Grant will be based on the average cost of attendance. Federal Pell amounts for less than full-time enrollment each semester are reduced. If you attend less than full-time fall or spring semester, you may have funds available for summer term.
  • Federal regulations limit to 30 the number of cumulative attempted remedial/developmental semester credit hours allowed for financial aid.
  • Your award may contain a Federal (subsidized or unsubsidized) Stafford Loan. This is the amount the Financial Aid Office has certified that you are eligible to borrow based on results received from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and from the Loan Request Form. Students who receive the above loans must have an entrance interview before the first check is disbursed and an exit interview prior to withdrawal or upon dropping below half-time or graduating. The first disbursement of the Federal Stafford Loan may be delayed 30 days after the first day of the term for any student who has not successfully completed 28 regular hours of classes or who does not have a prior student loan.
  • Students who receive federal aid and totally withdraw, drop, or stop attending all classes prior to completing more than 60% of a semester may have their aid adjusted based on a percent of the term the completed.

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Students at Motlow State Community College applying for and receiving financial aid have a right to the following:

  • Information on all financial assistance available which includes all federal, state and institutional financial aid programs
  • Deadlines for application of each financial aid program and for any supporting documentation
  • Specific information regarding fees, tuition and the refund policy for those students who withdraw or drop out of school
  • An explanation of how students are selected for receipt of financial aid and how financial need is determined. This process includes a consideration of costs of tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses, childcare, etc., plus the student's assets, parental contribution and other financial aid (such as scholarships)
  • Resources that are considered in the calculation of student need
  • How the financial aid package has been determined
  • An explanation of the various programs awarded in the financial aid package. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, reconsideration of the award may be requested.
  • An explanation of the portion of financial aid the student received that must be repaid. If the aid is a loan, the student has a right to know what the interest rate is, the total amount to be repaid, when the repayment is to begin and the conditions of deferment and cancellation.
  • How Motlow State Community College determines whether students are making "satisfactory progress" and what happens if they are not

    Students must take responsibility for:

  • Checking Motlow e-mail and MyMotlow accounts regularly for Motlow correspondence and requirements.
  • Reviewing and considering all information about Motlow State Community College academic programs before they enroll
  • Completing all the application forms ACCURATELY AND FULLY and submitting them to the right place on time. If this is not done, aid could be delayed since errors must be corrected before any aid can be received. Intentional misreporting of information on application forms for federal financial aid is a violation of the law and is considered a criminal offense subject to penalties under the U.S. Criminal code, and subjects the student's application to denial. Additionally, regulations require that all cases of suspected fraud, emanating from misrepresentation, be reported to the Office of the Inspector General.
  • Promptly returning all additional documentation, verification, corrections and/or new information requested by either the Financial Aid Office or the agency or agencies to which an application was submitted
  • Reading and understanding all forms that you are asked to sign
  • Notifying the lender (if you have a loan) of changes in name, address or enrollment status
  • Performing the work that is agreed upon in accepting a Federal Work-Study award or Academic Work Scholarship
  • Knowing and complying with the deadlines for application or reapplication for aid
  • Knowing and complying with Motlow State Community College Return of Title IV Funds Policy
  • Repaying financial aid funds if it is determined that you were ineligible to receive the funds Understanding the financial aid policy for satisfactory academic progress.

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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    How do I apply for Financial Aid?
  • Go to the web site and apply for a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You will need to keep your PIN for future reference.
  • Go to the web site and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The application will be evaluated by the Department of Education. Within 3-5 business days an electronic SAR (Student Aid Report) will be sent to you and the Financial Aid Office.
  • The Financial Aid Office will evaluate the SAR to determine if your application was selected for verification. If you have been selected for verification you will need to supply the Financial Aid Office with necessary documents such as copies of Federal tax returns, verification worksheets, etc. If your application has NOT been selected for verification we will determine if you are eligible for grants. We will notify you either way with an e-mail letting you know. We will have further documents for you to complete for financial aid, and you will need to log in to your MyMotlow account to access those documents. Once you turn them in, your file will go through two reviews in this office, and then an award can be posted (if you are eligible).
  • Motlow State Community College School Code is: 006836

  • My parents are divorced. Whose information do I need for the FAFSA?
    The parent with whom you lived with the most during the past year should complete the FAFSA. If you did not live with either parent or lived equally with each parent, the parent who provided you with the most financial support should complete the FAFSA.

    How do I get my aid transferred to another college?
    Go to the FAFSA website at and under option 3, click on 'add/delete a school code.' Take out Motlow's school code and replace it with the code of the other college.

    How often do I apply?
    Since your financial situation-as well as that of your family may change, you must fill out a new application for each academic year Fall-Spring-Summer.

    Send in the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1. Do not wait until your taxes are done. Although it is better to do your taxes early, it is ok to use estimates of your income, as long as they aren't very far off from the actual values. You will have an opportunity to correct any errors later. If you wait too long, you might miss the deadline for state aid. Most states require the FAFSA to be submitted by March 1, and some even as early as mid-February. You must update your FAFSA information after your taxes are completed if you estimated your information.

    The renewal of financial aid is not automatic. Students must file a FAFSA each year and demonstrate satisfactory progress.

    Should I pay for help to fill out my FAFSA?
    No, you don't need to. If you apply using FAFSA on the Web at, you get online instructions for each question, and you can 'chat'� live online with a customer service representative. Another source of free help is the online guide, Completing the FAFSA.

    You can get free help by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) at the telephone number(s) listed below.
    Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC):
    1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243)
    (TTY 1-800-730-8913)

    Various Web sites do offer help filing the FAFSA for a fee. These sites are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the U.S. Department of Education. We urge you not to pay these sites for assistance that the U.S. Department of Education provides for free.

    What is the PIN?
    The Personal Identification Number (PIN) serves as your identifier to let you access your personal information in various U.S. Department of Education systems. It's like the PIN you get from your bank that permits you to access your account. The PIN also allows you to sign your federal student aid application (FAFSA) online and allows you to correct your application data online.

    In the interest of keeping your personal information secure, do not share your PIN! You should never give your PIN to anyone. Be sure to keep your PIN in a safe place.

    Why should I get a PIN?
    You can use your PIN to access your financial aid data at these U.S. Department of Education Web sites:
  • FAFSA on the Web: Access and complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • The National Student Loan Data System Web site: View a history of the federal student financial aid you have received.
  • The Direct Loan Servicing Center: Use your PIN to access your Direct Loan account, if you have this type of loan. Use your PIN to get up-to-date account information, loan balances, and payoff information. Use the online repayment calculator to help you forecast repayment of your loan and contact.

  • You also may use your PIN to sign your Federal Direct Master Promissory Note.

    How will my PIN be sent to me?
    When requesting a PIN, you'll need to provide your name, Social Security Number, date of birth, and mailing address, and submit your request. After that information has been verified with the Social Security Administration's records, a PIN will be generated. If you provide an e-mail address, you'll get an e-mail response in approximately three business days that contains a link to your PIN through the Internet. If you don't provide an e-mail address, you'll get your PIN in 7-10 days through regular mail.


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    I pay all of my own bills, and I moved out of my parent's house when I was 18. Do I still have to put their income information on the FAFSA?
    The federal government classifies a student as 'dependent'� until they are the age of 24. There are three exceptions to this rule:
  • A student may be classified as "independent" if they are married or
  • if the student has dependent children whom THEY support for the majority of the year or
  • if the student is 'active' duty in the military. There may be other exceptions, please check the FAFSA instructions. Otherwise, parent information must go on the FAFSA.

  • I'm going to have to withdraw completely this semester. Will I have to pay back the school for the award I received?
    If you have completed less than 60% of the semester, then you will have to return a portion of the financial aid funds that you received. This excludes Lottery funds and scholarship funds.

    Do I have to be full time to receive aid?
    It depends on what type of aid you are receiving. If you are receiving a Pell Grant, you can take as little as one class and still receive aid because the Pell Grant is pro-rated according to your enrollment status. Lottery scholarships are also pro-rated according to your enrollment status, but requires enrollment in at least 6 credit hours. With student loans, you have to be continuously enrolled in at least 6 credit hours in order to avoid being thrown into repayment status.

    Are there deadlines in applying for financial aid?
    You may apply for financial aid at any time; however, priority deadlines do exist depending on the type of financial aid you are seeking. The priority date to complete the FAFSA each year is March 1st for state grants, and April 1st for SEOG and FWS.

    What is verification?
    The U.S. Department of Education and our office randomly select students for verification of information submitted on the FAFSA. The Office of Financial Aid will notify you of the proper documentation to submit to our office.

    Can I receive financial aid for summer classes?
    Funds may be available for the summer, especially if you did not attend full-time. Please check with the financial aid office.

    What role does my family have in financing my education?
    Your family is considered to be your main source of funding for your college education. One goal of the Financial Aid Office is to compare the cost of attending Motlow with the financial contributions, if any, that will be made by you and/or your family. This is done by finding the difference between the total cost of attending school and the ability of your family to help with those costs. The basis for determining need is the processed Student Aid Report. Financially-independent applicants file using their own income and asset information and that of their spouse, if applicable.

    Costs include room and meals, registration fees, books and supplies, personal expenses, and travel. In determining you, your family's, or your spouse's capacity to help, the following are considered:
  • Your parents' income and assets, family size, family members attending college, etc. (if you are a dependent student);
  • Social Security, Veterans Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, or other benefits received by you or your parents;
  • Your own income and assets and expected savings from summer work;
  • Your spouse's income and resources, if you are married;
  • Your receipt of non-university scholarships or other resources.

  • What determines if I am eligible for aid?
    The main factor of eligibility is your financial need. All students, regardless of family income level, are encouraged to apply. By comparing the cost of attending Motlow with the ability of you and your parents to finance your education, your need is evaluated. The information for making that evaluation comes from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

    How will I be selected to receive aid?
    By properly completing and submitting the appropriate financial aid forms on a timely basis, you will be considered for the Pell Grant and/or state grants including Lottery.

    Other awards will then be made based upon separate application. The Motlow Financial Aid Office will follow federal guidelines with students having the greatest need being given priority. Preference will also be given for eligible Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant applicants who file their forms by the April 01 date. Federal regulations require that applicants for Federal Financial Aid be citizens or nationals of the United States.

    Selection of students also depends upon the guidelines of each individual aid program and the availability of funds. Scholarships are given based on academic ability or performance.

    I don't live with my parents, nor do they claim me as a tax exemption. Why am I not considered independent?
    The federal guidelines determine dependency status. When you complete the FAFSA, you will be asked specific questions which determine your dependency status.

    Why do I have to have a high school diploma?
    The Department of Education and the federal government require that each student who receives financial aid have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

    Why was I selected for verification?
    The Department of Education selects 30% of all applicants and requires the school to verify the information provided. Selection for verification does not necessarily mean that anything is wrong. In addition, colleges select students who appear to have left items blank or incomplete.

    I probably don't qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?
    Yes. Many families mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid by failing to apply for it. In addition, there are a few sources of aid such as unsubsidized loans that are available regardless of need. The FAFSA form is free. There is no good excuse for not applying. You must complete FAFSA to apply for Lottery funds.

    Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid at a particular college?
    No. You can apply for financial aid any time after January 1. To actually receive funds, however, you must be admitted and enrolled at the college.

    Why can't I submit my financial aid application before January 1?
    The need analysis process for financial aid uses the family's income and tax information from the most recent tax year (the base year) to judge your eligibility for need-based financial aid during the upcoming academic year (the award year). Since the base year ends December 31, you cannot submit a financial aid application until January 1. After all, your parents might earn a year-end bonus or realize capital gains from selling stocks on December 31. If you submit the financial aid application before January 1, it will be rejected.

    Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?
    Yes. You are required to apply for financial aid every year. If your financial circumstances change, you may get more or less aid. Note that your eligibility for financial aid may change significantly, especially if you have a different number of family members in college. Renewal of your financial aid package also depends on your making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, such as earning a minimum number of credits and achieving a minimum GPA.

    What is an eligible program for financial aid?
    One of the eligibility criteria for student financial aid is that a student be admitted and pursuing a certificate or degree program that has been approved by the U.S. Department of education for financial aid. To be an eligible program at Motlow State Community College, the program must be an associate degree program or an approved certificate program.

    How do I select an eligible program for financial aid?
    You should consult the College Catalog under the sections of Admissions Requirements or see a counselor for academic assistance and information. When you have selected a major and are 'placed' in an eligible program, you will have met one of the criteria for eligibility for financial aid.

    My sister received a Pell Grant, why didn't I receive one?
    In addition to parent's income and assets, a student's income and assets also affect Pell Grant eligibility. You may have a higher income or more assets than your sister.

    Satisfactory Academic Progress

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    What is the satisfactory academic progress policy?
    Federal regulations state that all students who receive assistance from the Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Loan, TSAC Grant, Federal Pell Grant, or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Programs will be required to make measurable academic progress toward a degree. Failure to maintain satisfactory progress will result in the termination of your financial assistance. You may re-establish eligibility for financial assistance when the minimum requirements of the policy are satisfied.

    If you fail to meet the standards of the satisfactory academic progress policy, financial assistance will not be available to you until the required progress is meet, or an appeal is approved. You may make up the deficiencies at you own expense. After completing the requirements it is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office. Eligibility may be continued, upon appeal, for students who, through no fault of their own, were unable to complete a semester under normal circumstances, e.g., accident, unexpected medical problems, or a death in the immediate family (brother, sister, mother, father, spouse, child).

    If you have any questions in regard to this policy, you may call or visit the Financial Aid Office.

    Why do I have to turn in a financial aid appeal?
    You can lose your eligibility for financial aid if you are not making satisfactory academic progress according to federal guidelines. First of all, you must have a minimum GPA for the number of cumulative hours attempted. Secondly, you must be completing at least 67% of ALL of the hours that you have attempted. And third, you must complete your degree within a reasonable length of time. In this case, a reasonable length of time is 90 hours for a degree and 40 for a certificate. If you are not meeting any one of these criteria, you will be placed on unsatisfactory academic progress and may file a financial aid appeal if mitigating circumstances exist. If the appeal is approved, you will receive your aid for the semester. If it is denied, you will not. Also, you must appeal for EACH semester that you wish to attend, until you are meeting the guidelines for satisfactory academic progress.

    I turned in an appeal and still have not heard anything. Can you tell me if a decision has been made?
    Please check your student e-mail for a response on your appeal. This is how you will be notified of a decision.

    I received F and W grades this semester. Will this effect my financial aid eligibility?
    F and W grades count in the calculation of your satisfactory academic progress for financial aid. If you have too many F or W grades, you fail these standards. Although you may submit an appeal as stated on the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals, your circumstances must be very unusual and have prevented you from completing your course. We recommend that you talk with your instructor before withdrawing from a course to see if you might be able to complete it. Also, it is a good idea to meet with a counselor if you are uncertain you are prepared to take a course rather than withdraw or fail it.

    What happens if I drop a class or withdraw completely?
    If you completely withdraw or drop below half-time prior to receiving your aid, or prior to the beginning of classes, you are not eligible for your scheduled aid for that semester. If you drop a class or completely withdraw after receiving your disbursement, any balance of aid for that semester will be canceled. If you have a student loan, any refund due to complete withdrawal or drop in hours will be returned to the appropriate account and credited to your student loan. NOTE: Totally withdrawing prior to attending 60% of the academic term results in a calculation of "unearned financial aid" that MUST be repaid. 100% of financial aid is not earned until the student has attended at least 60% of the academic term.

    What happens if I never attend some of my courses?
    When you are awarded financial aid, it is intended to be used for attending your courses. If you are reported by your instructor or by yourself as NEVER HAVING ATTENDED at least one class of each course, you may be required to repay a portion of your financial aid. If this occurs, you will be contacted to repay the money. A 'hold' will be placed on your record preventing you from receiving any services at the College. If you fail to repay the overpayment, you may be sent to Collections.


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    How do I apply for a student loan?
    Motlow does not participate in the Federal Student Loan Program.


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    How do I apply for a Motlow scholarship?
    Fill out this online application by March 1 to be considered for the upcoming award year.

    What is the priority Deadline for applying for a scholarship?
    Make sure the application is completed on-line and submitted by March 1st every year. All outlined requirements must also be met by that date.

    How do I apply for the Lottery Scholarship?
    You need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1st of each year. For additional information, please visit:

    How do I get my Lottery Scholarship transferred to/from Motlow?
    Go to our website at Print this off, complete the form, and then fax it to the number listed at the bottom of the page.

    I'm supposed to receive the Lottery Scholarship. Why isn't it on my account?
    In order to be eligible for the Lottery, you must complete a FAFSA each academic year. As a new high school graduate you must also have at least a 3.0 GPA or 21 on the National ACT test and you must be enrolled in college within 16 months of graduation.

    If you are a returning student, then you must have at least a 2.75 GPA at the end of the 24 hour and 48 hour brackets. We will check to see if you appear on our roster and award your account.

    Why is my scholarship not listed online?
    We have all the scholarship information our office has received posted on student accounts. It is probable that we have not yet received information on your scholarship. For community or outside scholarships, for Motlow scholarship questions, or for questions about the HOPE scholarship please contact

    I got an outside scholarship. Should I report it to the financial aid office?
    Yes. If you are receiving any kind of financial aid from college or government sources, you must report the scholarship to the financial aid office.

    The college will adjust your financial aid package to compensate this award if necessary.