Motlow D2L Login Instructions

D2L User ID format:

Your first initial + your full last name + the first four digits of your birthdate; no spaces.

For example, if Cathy Jones' birthday is February 24, 1992, her D2L ID would be cjones0224.

Your password is the same as your Motlow email/computer login password. You must login to either email or a computer on one of the Motlow campuses prior to logging into D2L. Student Email Login

After you have successfully logged on, you will see your "My Home" page showing the on-line course(s) in which you are enrolled. Click on the link to attend class.

D2L Student Reference Guide

D2L Tutorial Videos

Classes will not appear in D2L until the first day of class.

Error Pages:

If you are having trouble with "Page Cannot be Found" or similar errors, click the System Check link on the D2L login page.  Follow the steps there to check your browser.

TN eCampus

If your section number is R01, R25, you are enrolled in a TN eCampus.