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Enrollment Requirements

For students to be eligible for Dual/Joint Enrollment, the following must apply:

  • An agreement must exist between Motlow College and the student's high school to offer college-level courses for which both high school and college credits are simultaneously awarded.
  • Student must choose courses through consultation with his/her high school counselor and a Motlow advisor to ensure the classes taken do not overlap or conflict with the student's overall high school program.
  • Student must have completed the 10th grade.
  • Student must have parent/guardian approval.(signature required on application)
  • Student must have approval of high school principal.(signature required on application)
  • Student must provide an official ACT/ACT Plan report with the required sub-score as outlined below. Students who wish to take:
    • A collegiate mathematics or science course must have a reading sub-score of 19 or greater, a writing sub-score of 18 or greater, AND a mathematics ACT/ACT Plan mathematics sub-score of 19 or greater.
    • Any other collegiate course (for example: English, History, Music, Psychology) must have a reading sub-score of 19 or greater AND an English sub-score of 18 or greater.

    ACT/ACT Plan scores on the high school transcript are acceptable. Applicants without ACT/ACT Plan scores or with ACT scores that are more than three years old should contact the Motlow College Testing Center at (931) 393-1763 to schedule an ACT test.