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Mechatronics: Getting Started

So you're thinking about a future in Mechatronics - we're glad that Motlow College is a possibility for you. Applying doesn't have to be a difficult task. Below is a list of essential documents and forms to get you started as a Mechatronics student at Motlow College.

"Where Do I Start?" The Six-Step Guide to Mechatronics

"Where Do I Start?" The Six-Step Guide to Mechatronics is an easy-to-read PDF document that will guide you through the entire admissions process for Mechatronics. You can download "Where Do I Start?" The Six-Step Guide to Mechatronics by clicking the link above.

Mechatronics Workflow Diagram

Are you wondering how long it takes to get a certificate in Mechatronics? Curious to how much an average Mechatronics student pays in tuition? The Mechatronics Workflow Diagram presents all this information in a series of simple charts. Download the Mechatronics Workflow Diagram by clicking the link above and begin planning your future today!

Mechatronics Applications

Here are the applications you need to complete your admission requirements for the Mechatronics Program. Download either of the Mechatronics Applications by clicking the links above.