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Ms. Brenda Cannon
Director of Student and Campus Relations
(931) 393-1548
Crouch Center

College is an important step in life...

For many first time students, traditional and adult learners, it is an uncertain and often frightening experience. Through the Office of Student and Campus Relations, many fears and apprehensions are eliminated and a sense of belonging, connecting, and succeeding are realized. The Office of Student and Campus Relations helps integrate students comfortably and successfully into the Motlow College campus community. It is the college connection needed by many.

The Office of Student and Campus Relations is a specialty student services office. It creates and provides special services and programs targeting the needs and interests of special student populations. The office coordinates and executes the Motlow College Student Ambassadors Program, Adult Learners Program, Academic Awareness Program, Motlow Participant Partnership Program (MP3), College Recruitment Day, cultural and ethnic activities and programs, and more. Equally important, the director serves as a liaison and advocate between the students and the college community and as a representative between the college and area high schools administration and student body.

The Office of Student and Campus Relations coordinates, plans, and hosts activities for education, civic, and community partners throughout the 11-county service area. Motlow College knows the importance of connecting the campus and the community.

Very much aware that students enter college with different experiences, expectations, abilities, and responsibilities, the Office of Student and Campus Relations works to create a campus climate that values the differences of each student to enhance the success of all.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.