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Computer Science

Associate of Science (TTP) Degree Checklist

Program Description

The study of computer science will enable students to learn more about future technology which will continue to be a driving force in virtually every sector of our society. The Associate of Science Computer Science degree program will help students achieve a better understanding of fundamental computer concepts. In addition to core curriculum, the Computer Science path introduces students to the following:
  • the history and evolution of computing devices
  • an understanding of software applications that make computers capable of performing specific tasks
  • computer concepts that can be used in schools, private business or in government
  • current programming languages
  • the concept of data structures and sorting techniques
  • other curriculum necessary in preparation for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's colleges or universities

Practical Experience

Students will be engaged in the learning process through activities like:
  • critical thinking
  • in-depth research and analysis
  • interaction with students and instructors
  • exposure to current micro-computing software applications and computer software programming
  • introduction to computer information and data structure
  • exposure to fascinating coursework, lectures and classroom interaction

Career Opportunities

Plant the seed for success here at Motlow College. Our Associates of Science Degree in Computer Science qualifies you for transfer to any one of Tennessee's four-year college or university programs. Completion of a four-year baccalaureate program prepares you for a career! Entry-level computer science careers may include:
  • computer programmer
  • webmaster
  • database manager
  • animator