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Business Computer Programming

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree Checklist

This program is designed for students desiring a two-year, non-transfer degree program designed to prepare them to enter the workforce, sustain their career, or seek career growth opportunities in the field of business computer programming.

Program Description

  • Students will gain the education necessary to work as an entry-level computer programmer
  • Students will be introduced to current programming languages
  • Students will be gain exposure to the concept of data structures and sorting techniques
  • Students will participate in career development and review steps for searching for and securing a job

Practical Experience

Through participation in this program, students will enhance and/or gain proficiency in certain skills
  • Increase speed and accuracy in keyboarding
  • Exposure to basic programming languages
  • Resume, resume letter and follow-up correspondence preparation
  • Exposure to the basic concepts of data types, lists, queues, etc. and other complex data structures found in programming

Career Opportunities

Our Associates of Applied Science Degree in Business Computer Programming is great preparation for entry into the workforce. Entry-level positions in this field may include:
  • database manager
  • entry level computer programmer