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Dr. Scott Cook
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(931) 393-1844

Sherian Oakley, Secretary III
(931) 393-1844

Student Responsibilities

Successful academic advising requires participation by both the advisor and advisee...
Students seeking advisement should:

  1. Make, keep and be on time for appointments with an academic advisor at least once a semester.
  2. Review the online class schedule, degree checklist, and course catalog to prepare a tentative schedule to discuss with your advisor prior to your appointment.
  3. Have substitute courses in mind when you go to meet with your advisor, some courses close, have prerequisites, or are not available at times convenient to your schedule.
  4. Get to know your advisor and let him/her get to know you. Advisors are valuable resources and can be of great benefit to you.
  5. Advisement
  6. Remember that it is your responsibility to remain knowledgeable of graduation and degree requirements. Do your best to accept responsibility for your academic decisions.
  7. Discuss your career goals and plans with your academic advisor.
  8. Consider completing your courses in writing and math as soon as possible so you can use these skills in other courses and avoid graduation delays.