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Academic Advisement FAQ

What is the difference between an Associates in Arts, Associates in Science, and Associate in Applied Science Degree?
Motlow State Community College has degrees that are designed to transfer to four-year institutions. These are the Associate in Arts, the Associate of Science and the Associate of Science in Teaching. These general education core programs include freshman and sophmore-level courses required by most four-year institutions. Click here for transfer opportunities

There are also degrees not necessarily designed to transfer, but rather to prepare you for a career. These are the Associates of Applied Science degrees. Selected courses from these degrees may transfer to four- year institutions.

Motlow has certificate programs that require fewer hours than the associate degrees. Their purpose is to equip students with a set of specific career skills. Advisors can help you clarify which degree/certificate program is right for you and which courses to take to meet your goals.

How do I change my major?
There is a change a major form located in the C section of the Forms Bank located at the A-Z index. A student will need to fill out and turn in the form to the Admissions and Records office.

What consequences should be considered before withdrawing from a course(s)?
Students should see their faculty advisor when they need to withdraw from a course. Withdrawing from a course may cause financial aid and insurance implications. It is likely that dropping a class will slow your progress toward a degree; if at all possible, make up such classes in summer school.

What is a degree audit and when should I have one done?
A degree audit is a check done to make sure that students are on the right track to graduate with the degree that they are seeking. It is recommended to have a degree audit done at the end of your freshman year and prior to completing the Intent to Graduate form.

What is the minimum GPA to graduate?
Most majors require a 2.O to graduate. However, some majors require a higher GPA. Always be sure to check with your advisor about graduation requirements for your major.

How many hours do I need to take to be "full-time?
12 hours or more during a semester constitute a full time schedule.

What is a prerequisite?
A prerequisite is a course you must complete prior to registering for a more advanced course in the same or related area.

Can I repeat a course to get a better grade?
A student may repeat a previously taken course in which he or she received a final grade of "C" or lower. A grade of "B" or higher can be repeated only with the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs as an exception to the policy; the request must be made prior to the term during which the course is to be repeated. Only the last grade received in repeating a course will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average provided that the number of repeats of any single course does not exceed two (three attempts). In the event a student repeats a course more than twice, the grade received in the third attempt and all subsequent attempts will be used in computing the cumulative gpa. For more info click this link

How do I appeal an academic suspension?
A student who is suspended from Motlow College or another institution for academic reasons may appeal his or her suspension to the Student Affairs Committee if he or she feels there are extenuating circumstances or hardships that contributed their suspension.

The student should request a suspension appeal form from the Office of Student Affairs, complete the form as indicated, and return it with a copy of his/her college transcript to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs prior to the day scheduled for hearing appeals.

How do I change my name, address or personal information?
If the student is requesting a name change, a Change of Record form must be completed and supporting documentation turned into the Office of Admissions and Records on the Moore County Campus or in the administrative offices at the Fayetteville, McMinnville, or Smyrna location. The college is not responsible for a student's failure to receive official information due to failure to notify the college of any changes stated above. Click this link for the change of record form

How do I find out if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather?
Sign up for RAVE alerts. RAVE will keep you informed about school closings and emergency alerts through text messages and or e-mail. You can register for RAVE by clicking the link in the bottom right-hand corner of Motlow's website. Local radio and television stations also broadcast Motlow College closings.

What do I do if I need to leave school due to a medical emergency?
If you must leave school due to a medical emergency be sure to inform your instructor and contact the Office of Student Affairs to make them aware of your situation.