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Honors Scholars Conduct Symposium at Motlow

April 27, 2011

Honors students with Dr. Judith RussellStudents taking classes in the Honors Program at Motlow's Moore County campus recently gathered for a symposium to highlight their individual topics of study. The event was open to the college and visitors. Either through power-point presentations, speeches or performances, the students portrayed the subject matter of the honors course they were completing.

The Fundamentals of Speech class taught by Asst. Prof. Cherie Williams presented demonstrations on how the internet has both benefited and harmed our society including the impact of social media. Students of Appalachian literature, taught by Dr. Mary McLemore, performed dances like those performed by people native to that area.

Students of Dr. Judith Russell, instructor of English Composition II, presented differing theories to the end of time including Revelations from the Bible, the prognostications of Nostradamus, and Freeze Frame. The World Literature I Honors course, also taught by Russell, covered a wide variety of subjects including the oldest poem "The Journey of a Demi-God, Gilgamesh" and the world's first novel, "The Tale of the Genji."

In addition to history and English classes, honors students have a wide variety of courses to choose from to explore and think outside the box with their education. Associate Professor Scott Cook, coordinator of the Honors Program at Motlow teaches American History I and II Honors and one such course described above, Sex and the Supernatural Honors Seminar. While his history students spoke on topics ranging from the 1973 Oil Crisis and Women's Right to Vote, others discussed Delphi and sexual communication.

At the close of the presentation Dr. MaryLou Apple helped recognize the Honors Scholars for the 2010-11 graduating class. They are Holly Hatchett of Manchester, Kelsey Coombs of Houma, La., Brittney Ervin of Lynchburg and Michelle Feller of Winchester.

The students ended their presentations with a surprise for Dr. Russell, the former coordinator of the Honors Program. She was presented with an engraved glass trophy and in the students' words, "She motivates us and personally touches our lives and for that, we thank her!"