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Brian Robinson, Department Chair
Humanities Department
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Simon Hall 114A

Bobbie Underwood, Secretary III
Humanities and Languages
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Mass Communications

Associate of Science (TTP) Degree Checklist

Associate of Art (TTP) Degree Checklist

Program Description

Mass Communications is a very broad area of study that will provide students with exposure to...
  • written and verbal communication techniques
  • critical and logical thinking
  • print and broadcast media
  • the historical development of various forms of communication and media
  • curriculum that prepares students for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's colleges or universities

Practical Experience

Students will be introduced to the following:
  • essay writing
  • in-depth research skills leading to preparation of topical and argumentative essay writing
  • verbal communication skills
  • examination of various forms of media and their impact on society
  • guiding business principles useful in all professional careers

Career Opportunities

  • journalist
  • marketing communications manager
  • public relations
  • advertising
  • technical writer