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HS Partnership Programs Specialist
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Dual Credit

"A pathway to earn early college credit."

The Dual Credit Program is a collaborative effort between Motlow State Community College and the secondary institutions located within the college's eleven-county service area. The purpose of the program is to provide pathways for secondary students to acquire college credit while still attending a secondary institution. The program objectives are to:

  • Integrate secondary education with post-secondary education as a means of reducing repetition in career and technical education courses.
  • Reduce costs for attaining a post-secondary education.
  • Reduce the time required to complete a post-secondary program of study and/or prepare students to enter the workforce.
  • Encourage students to pursue a post-secondary certificate or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

The program provides an opportunity for area high school students to earn college credit by completing courses that are being taught as part of their regular high school curriculum and that have been aligned to meet the learning outcomes of comparable courses offered by the college. Students receive college credit by successfully completing the aligned high school course and then successfully completing an end-of-course assessment that is developed and administered by the college. The earned credit is then retained by the college for that student until the student submits an Application for Admission and is accepted for enrollment. Once accepted to the college, the credit will be recorded on the student's academic transcript. There is no charge to students who wish to participate in this program.

For students to be eligible to participate in the Dual Credit Program, the applicable Local Education Agency (LEA) or high school must complete a Memorandum of Agreement with the college that will identify the aligned course(s) being offered and the conditions of the program. (A copy of the agreement can be found under Dual Credit Program Forms) To be an eligible course for the Dual Credit Program, the high school course must match an existing Motlow course currently being offered by the college and/or listed in the college's inventory of courses.

The course(s) selected and approved for inclusion in the Dual Credit Program will be taught at the participating high school location by the appropriate high school faculty. The high school faculty member teaching the approved course is responsible for ensuring that the subject matter content being taught in the course matches that of the Motlow course, and that the course specifically follows the relevant Motlow course syllabus and outline as closely as possible. The appropriate course material will be provided to the high school faculty by the Motlow faculty responsible for the development and/or teaching of the college-level course. Any student who successfully completes the approved aligned course is eligible to take the assessment examination. The major Motlow academic discipline areas that are available for consideration under the Dual Credit Program, are primarily those Career Technical Education courses associated with the Associate of Applied Science degree, and include such areas as:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Emergency Medical Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Information Systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Upon completion of the approved high school course, the high school faculty teaching the course will contact the Motlow Program Coordinator for Dual Credit to make arrangements for the administration of the appropriate end-of-course assessment. The Motlow Program Coordinator for Dual Credit will then coordinate with the appropriate Motlow faculty to administer the actual end-of-course comprehensive examination. This examination will be administered at a location selected by the applicable high school or LEA, and a Dual Credit Program Activity Report will be completed in cooperation between the college and the applicable high school or LEA. (A copy of the report can be found under Dual Credit Program Forms) High school students who successfully pass the end-of-course examination with a grade of 60% or higher are then eligible to receive Motlow credit for the aligned course. The appropriate number of earned credit hours for each completed course will then be retained by the college on behalf of the student. The credit will be awarded and recorded on the student's academic transcript after the student has made application to the college and has been accepted for admission.

Students who have successfully participated in the program by passing the applicable end of course assessment will receive a grade of "P." The grade of "P" will not be used in computing a student's grade point average. In special situations where the course(s) completed is required to satisfy a specific post-secondary program prerequisite, the LEA or high school may request that the exact letter grade received by a student be posted on the student's transcript in lieu of the "P" grade. As appropriate, a request to use any grade other than a "P" must be approved by the Motlow Program Coordinator for Dual Credit, and be included in the Dual Credit Program Memorandum of Agreement. Transfer of dual credit hours to other institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Any LEA or high school wishing to participate in the Dual Credit Program should contact the Motlow Program Coordinator for Dual Credit for additional information concerning the application process. The Motlow Program Coordinator for Dual Credit is:

Lori Mevis
HS Partnership Programs Specialist
(931) 393-1823
(800) 654-4877 ext. 1823