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Motlow Participant Partnership Program (MP3)

The Motlow Participant Partnership Program (MP3) is an academic, cultural, and social enrichment program that leads to student success. Participant selection criteria includes: first generation college student, Pell Grant eligible; enrolled in learning support classes, resident of a geographically disadvantaged community, have a disability, member of an underrepresented student population, and non-traditional student. Eligible participants must meet three of the seven criteria. MP3 participants are required to:

  1. Attend regularly scheduled study hall periods each week for one hour and a half;
  2. Attend class as scheduled;
  3. Submit academic progress reports;
  4. Be prepared for class;
  5. Conduct themselves as responsible young adults;
  6. Engage in service learning community projects;
  7. Assume leadership roles within the Motlow community;
  8. Learn about cultures and communities beyond their comfort zone;
  9. Set a completion/graduation goal and systematically work toward it;
  10. Be encouragers of each other and the program;
  11. Respect themselves, others, and the College;
  12. Attend and participate in monthly meeting; and
  13. Participate in educational, cultural, and personal development field trips, seminars, and trainings.

Program Components

Formal Mentoring Program. The goal of the mentoring program is to provide support for the mentee by allowing them to have an opportunity to meet with their mentor to discuss/share successes and concerns as well as areas for improvement. Mentors are required to attend mentoring training which is conducted in the fall semester of each year. Mentors receive notebooks and supplemental materials to support their roles. Training is provided by a professional and credential counselor/mentor, usually someone at the university level. Mentors are carefully selected faculty and staff as well as community leaders. Mentors are required to meet with or have contact with their mentee(s) weekly. Mentors keep informed on mentees academic progress and struggles, hold mentees accountable, and provide the additional support the students need. An MP3 coordinator will secure mentors, match mentors with mentees, and monitor weekly meetings.

  • Academic Enrichment. To provide the needed support and structure for an already academically deficient student population, academic enrichment is another primary program component. Academic enrichment includes:
    1. Academic Progress Reports. Each MP3 participant is required to secure an academic progress report from his/her professors and submit the report to their mentor and the academic MP3 coordinator. Unsatisfactory progress areas are immediately addressed and a corrective action plan is put in place.
    2. Study Hall. Mandatory study hall is a key element in this program. MP3 students are required to attend study hall at least one day per week for one hour and a-half in a controlled and supervised environment.
    3. Study Groups. Study groups are proven as effective learning communities and are highly encouraged among this student population. Peer tutoring continues to be effective, and the group dynamic adds value to the learning experience. MP3 partners with the Motlow Honors Program to provide additional tutoring to its students. Faculty volunteers provide one-on-one or group tutoring to participants.
  • Monthly Sessions. All MP3 participants are required to attend a monthly MP3 meeting. The formal meeting addresses various topics, such as Goal Setting, Life Choices, Career Planning, and Relationship Building. Speakers and/or panels present information in a relaxed, open environment. The meetings are held on Fridays, as this is the day classes are not held on the Moore County campus or Fayetteville Center.

  • Cultural Enrichment. Cultural enrichment is paramount to the program's success. Students are mandated to attend cultural enrichment programs sponsored by the College, including but not limited to the International Festival, Black History Month activities, Women's History Month activities, and Hispanic Month activities. Beyond the institution, MP3 students have traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to tour historic civil rights landmarks and to Atlanta, Georgia, where they visited the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Centennial Park, and toured the BODIES Exhibit. The students have met Dr. Hazel O'Leary, former US Secretary of Energy, and Dr. Tonea Stewart, actress, and Dr. Bernice King.

  • Service Learning. Students participate in two service learning projects, one in the fall semester and the other in the spring semester. Participation is required.

  • Year-End Program Celebration. To acknowledge the tenacity, success, and commitment of MP3 participants, a Year-end Celebration is held. The formal banquet is hosted by the MP3 Coordinators and honors MP3 participants. Senior College officials, including the President, are invited along with all mentors. The evening consists of a motivational speaker, presentation of certificates of achievement, and recognition of mentors. An MP3 scholarship is presented to a graduating sophomore who has exemplified the qualities set forth in the scholarship criteria. The scholarship is funded by the Coordinators.

  • Committed to Succeeding

    MP3 focuses on the holistic development of its students. The program integrates components of service learning, cultural enrichment, self-efficacy and empowerment. To this end, MP3 reaches the ultimate goal of retaining and graduating its students. The success of MP3 happens because a village is committed.