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Kirsten Moss, Dean of Students
Access and Diversity Committee Chairperson
Direct Line: 931-393-1691
Dean of Students office: 931-393-1690
Student Activities & Resource Center: 931-393-1838
Office Fax: 931-393-1890

Access & Diversity Goals

Motlow State Community College strives to enrich its campus diversity. While the college has witnessed enhanced student population in diverse enrollment, the desire is to increase this diversity across the four campuses. Motlow strives to build upon its tradition of service to non-traditional and part-time students.

In response to today's economic challenges, the college will offer increased incentives and support to attract and retain this population. Motlow recognizes the importance of increasing the retention of a diverse student body and will implement a partnership program specifically targeted to support, encourage and mentor these students. Motlow is committed to recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff and prepares to work diligently to provide culturally diverse role models for students.

The Access & Diversity Committee has established three goals:

  • Access and Diversity Goal 1
    • Increase the enrollment and diversity of non-traditional (adults 25 and older) and/or part-time students.
  • Access and Diversity Goal 2
    • Increase retention among student program populations
  • Access and Diversity Goal 3
    • Improve student learning through culturally diverse perspectives by recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff role models.